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Do you want to learn Swedish faster, get a wider circle of contacts and familiarize yourself with your local area? You can do this together with a Swedish-speaking person!

The person you will get to know speaks Swedish, has lived in Sweden for a long time and wants to help you as a newly arrived person to become familiarized with Swedish culture.

You can get support and assistance if you…

• Are newly arrived, or have lived in Sweden
for a few years.
• Want to learn Swedish as quickly as possible.
• Want support and company as you familiarize
yourself with Swedish society.
• Have a residence permit from the Swedish
Migration Agency.

This is how it works

Participation is free and optional. Sign up on your own, together with a friend or family. The coordinator will then match you with a Swedish-speaking person or family depending on both of your requests. 
The coordinator will arrange a few activities for all newly arrived and Swedish-speaking persons, and then it is up to yourselves to decide when you want to meet and what you want to do. For example, you could get together for a cup of coffee or perhaps let the kids play together.
You will receive a contact person who can help you with everyday questions, while at the same time you get to practice Swedish and get to know each other’s cultures!

Contact information

Anita Lomander, Red Cross, 0703 256752,

Sign up

I/we would like someone who is:
Do you have children?
Will the children participate?

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