Nordplus Junior Sweden-Iceland

Senast uppdaterad den 29 augusti 2019

To empower entrepreneurship among youth people living in Sweden and Iceland!

During this project we want to create awareness among the participating secondary school students for the Nordic region as a local market. In this way they will have a possibility to become more powerful in the future of reduced trade barriers and restrictions on international capital movements. The aim is for pupils to investigate cultural, historical, geographical, social and economic factors in both countries as a prerequisite for establishing and developing successful business relationships in the future.

Furthermore, the goal is to meet our educational responsibilities as teachers so that after having finished the high school our students could be able to master English well, use information and communication technologies, and get better insight into international agreements and provisions for the economic, trade and tourism branches. It also aims at enhancing students' ability to plan, analyze and perform tasks related to economics, trade and provision of services. Our ambition is while working with our partners to provide students with opportunities to develop their social skills, discipline and self-confidence. We expect that students will develop incredibly as active individuals in a global society, when they have been through such an exchange abroad.

See pictures from the study visits in Sweden and Iceland below.

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